Veterinary physiotherapy helps to restore mobility, function, independence, performance & well-being to animal patients following injury and surgery and those with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

It is now considered an essential addition to medical and surgical treatment. 

A variety of manual therapy (hands-on) techniques and electrotherapy modalities can be used to influence structures in the body. Our aims are to alleviate muscle soreness and spasm, promote soft tissue and joint healing and improve the mobility of joints in the spine or limbs. Specific tailored therapeutic exercises can help restore joint proprioception, mobility, strength, balance, coordination and help your dog regain the best quality of life possible.


To treat your animal we require signed authorisation from your veterinary surgeon - we can arrange all this on your behalf

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ACPAT members are fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists who have also trained in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals and have specialist knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and pathology. They use the detailed assessment to tailor treatments to each animal condition and the stage of the problem.

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