CPD for Veterinary professionals

CPD lectures and workshops are available on the following topics:

Basic Canine Massage & Passive Range of Motion: 

  • Application of acupressure & light touch techniques for relaxation

  • Basic canine massage: effleurage, skin rolling, kneading, 

  • An introduction to myofascial release

  • Theory of passive joint range of motion (PROM)

  • Application of Passive joint range of motion

Care of the post-operative K9 orthopaedic patient: 

  • Application of cold therapy

  • Canine massage: effleurage & petrissage 

  • Acupressure for relaxation & pain relief

  • Passive joint range of motion

  • Early weight bearing and proprioceptive exercises

The neurological in-patient:

  • Overview of neuroanatomy

  • Management of the recumbent patient

  • In-patient rehab for the patient with hopotonia

  • In-patient rehab for the patient with hypertonia

Hydrotherapy: Aquatic treadmill therapy clinical reasoning & case studies

  • Canine gait analysis (on dry land)

  • Common conditions we treat in the aquatic treadmill

  • Concepts & techniques to enhance your rehab in the treadmill

  • Case studies and clinical reasoning

  • Discussion of your own problematic cases

Canine anatomy, biomechanics and basic palpation skills

  • Overview of axial skeleton & musculoskeletal system

  • Palpation of bony landmarks

  • Identifying superficial muscle groups

  • Muscle function and biomechnaics

  • gait analysis 

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