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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my Vet's permission?

Yes. Legislation requires that all animal therapists seek veterinary authorisation in order to lawfully treat an animal. Some vets may give permission without seeing your pet but if they have not been seen by a vet for 3-6 months or they are not aware of the present condition, then they may wish to see them before making the referral. We can contact your veterinary practice directly and arrange the referral for you


How much do you charge?

The initial Consultation fee is £65 - please allow an hour for your first appointment. Follow-up treatments are priced at £47.50 for a 45 minute session and £40 for a 30 minute session



Will my pet insurance pay?

As an ACPAT physiotherapist I am recognised by most major insurance companies. Please see your individual policy wording to find out whether you are eligible to claim back your physiotherapy treatment fees. Unfortunately we cannot do direct claims with your insurance company and all treatment fees must be paid for at the time of treatment. We can complete a claim for you to claim back any costs incurred


How do you take payment?

Payments can be made via bank transfer, debit/credit card and cash. 


Do you do home visits?

All sessions take place at the Vet Physio clinic in Bramerton. Home visits can be arranged in exceptional circumstances where owners are unable to travel or if it is in the best interests of the patient


How many treatments will my pet need?

Each patient is individual and the number of treatments required will depend on their condition and individual circumstances. After the initial assessment we will be able to advise on the most appropriate treatment plan and give recommendations on how many treatments may be required. As a guideline, most conditions can be treated in 3 to 8 sessions. Some chronic or more complex conditions however, such as arthritis or neurological problems, may benefit from more sessions and some owners opt for ongoing maintenance treatment spaced every 4 to 8 weeks


What animals do you treat?

We predominantly treat dogs and cats



Do you do hydrotherapy

We do not have a hydrotherapy facility at the Bramerton Vet Physio clinic, however, we maintain excellent links with several local rehab-focused hydrotherapy centres. We strongly believe in a combined land and water-based approach to rehabilitation, so if your vet has recommended hydrotherapy, we can link-in with your chosen centre and work alongside their hydrotherapist to ensure you pet receives the treatment they need 


Why Choose an ACPAT Physiotherapist

The title 'Animal Physiotherapist' and 'Veterinary Physiotherapist' is not protected by law, meaning anyone can call themselves an animal physiotherapist even if they have not undergone appropriate training. The term 'Chartered Physiotherapist' however, is protected by law and you can be reassured that anyone using this title has received a high level of academic and practical training They are fully qualified to practice to practice physiotherapy and adhere to a strict professional and clinical code of conduct. ACPAT physiotherapists are Chartered human physiotherapists who have undergone further rigorous training in veterinary physiotherapy. 

They have specialist knowledge in quadrupedal anatomy, biomechanics and pathology along with expert hands-on skills.


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